Restaurants In MahaNakhon Skywalk

About Restaurants In MahaNakhon Skywalk

The restaurants in Mahanakhon Skywalk are one of the best options to treat your taste buds in Bangkok, and especially if you are visiting the King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk. The restaurants range from regular eateries, cafés, full dining rooms to authentic street food stars of Bangkok's history. Guests will also find the authentic flavors of Thailand in addition to International cuisines from around the globe.

The mahanakhon skywalk restaurants are divided into two floors - Mahanakhon Eatery and the Thai Taste Hub. The Mahanakhon eatery is an entire floor of delectable restaurants, coffee shops and storefronts sprawling with guests from around the world. The Thai taste hub provides visitors with delectable flavors of authentic Thai street food in the comfort of one location. Best of the best street food chains have established their place in this stunning space and added a unique characteristic to their already renowned brands. The Italian flavors at the Isabella Italian Rotisserie are lip-smacking and the ICI is great for savoring something sweet. The Pa Hong Thai dessert restaurant is among the best places to enjoy authentic Thai desserts in the city. Also, guests can enjoy authentic Isan food at the Phed Phed Hey and its sub-eatery Kruwn is great for those who love spicy food.

MahaNakhon Eatery Restaurants - Ground Floor

Bangkok’s Mahanakhon eatery is a haven for food lovers and tourists. The wonderful hangout destination is located in the heart of Sathorn and is a shared space that is home to some of the most amazing eateries, cafes, and storefronts in the city. Popular restaurants like Isabella, Meat and Spice, Avril Gourmet, Maison Du Vin are few of the best options available for guests to explore.

Isabella Italian Rotisserie

An Italian restaurant, by the renowned chef Andreas Bonifacio, in the Mahanakhon Cube is not his first venture. The restaurant's style is based on the Italian style of cuisine “Tavola Calda” or “Hot Table”. Serving authentic flavors of the cuisine, the restaurant's specialities include authentic Italian rotisserie chicken, pizza, and homemade pasta. The restaurant has a cozy and comfortable ambiance that allows guests to enjoy a relaxed meal with their friends and family. The interiors are minimalist style and offer a light atmosphere. Each ingredient is sourced authentically and the restaurant has both dine in and takeaway options.

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Other Cafe

One of the most beautiful, simplistic and calming restaurants in Mahanakhon skywalk, Other cafe is a unique experience provided by the Mahanakhon eatery. This chic coffee spot creates a charming and unique coffee drinking experience, and a coffee setting like no other. The place has a dual function and aims to aid the modern lifestyle. The venue is both a cafe and a bar that serve amazing handcrafted and premium coffee and beverages. The cozy setting, light backdrop and planters in the cafe create a very relaxing vibe for the visitors. The brand also aims to be sustainable and eco friendly in the long run.

Meat & Spices

The Meat & Spices is a fusion experience that serves some delectable flavors to the locals as well as visitors. The amalgamation of Western flavors with Thailand’s fiery taste and Culinary tradition is a blast of delicious dishes and flavourful experience. The eatery features amazing modern western dishes with a twist of Thai flavors on its menu. These dishes surely Tingle the taste buds of the guests as they enjoy the best of both worlds. The dark theme and wooden furniture of the restaurant adds to this amazing experience, as guests enjoy their meals.

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El Mar

A beautiful experience with lip smacking seafood and prime Grill dishes, this local bistro brings out the essence of a French fishing village and shipping yard. The menu at the restaurant presents fresh and electable premium grade seafood that is prepared by renowned chefs from around the globe. The highlights of this menu are oysters, lobster, mussels, among other delectable dishes. In addition to the premium seafood menu they also serve bite sized appetizers and fresh cuts of meat prepared entirely in the modern european flavors. They also have an open kitchen which lets guests watch their food being cooked before they enjoy the taste.

Avril Gourmet

Serving with the finest ingredients and culinary products shipped across oceans from France and Europe the Avril gourmet provides guests with a luxurious experience. They were among the most premium restaurants across Bangkok and supply luxury dining rooms to its guests. The highlights of the menu are ham, meat, jams, sausages and the world famous Le Beurre Bordier butter. Their menu of sandwiches and cold cuts can be enjoyed as both dining and takeaway. The dark theme restaurant offers a very cozy ambience to the visitors and guests will enjoy their luxurious dining experience.

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This amazing dessert menu is operated by Chef Arisara ‘Paper’ Chongphanitk’s and is one of the best places to enjoy a sweet treat in the Mahanakhon Eatery. The venue is a playful, charming, and welcoming place that takes inspiration from the delectable world of French desserts. The name itself has a unique meaning as ICI is translated here in French while being pronounced as I see in English. The chef has beautifully blended her own creative ideas with renowned patisserie techniques, and has created a beautiful menu of edible art pieces that strike all the boxes.

Maison Du Vin

Madison Du Vin is the latest wine lounge that is created by the renowned importer The Wine Merchant. The interiors of the place are inspired by vintage French winery, and the venue offers a very relaxing vibe and a friendly ambiance to enjoy the aroma and flavours of the finest wines. The extensive collection of the winery ranges from wine by glasses to rare bottles that have been collected from some of the world‘s most established Vineyards. All these lines are kept safely in the on-site wine cellar and or present it to the guests by award winning sommeliers.

Thai Taste Hub MahaNakhon Cube

The Thai Taste Hun in MahaNakhon cube is actually one of the latest additions to the food map of Bangkok. This new eatery provides guests with a sizzling and lip smacking experience of the street food of Thailand in 12 wonderful restaurants and cafes. Some of these restaurants and cafes are Michelin star rated and have renowned chefs curating their menus.

Phed Phed Hey

The authentic Isan food is originally inspired from the north eastern province of Nakhon Phanom which is the birthplace of the chef and founder of Phed Phed Hey. His cooking and culinary art is inspired by his mother and secrets that have been passed down through generations in his family. The restaurant uses only fresh ingredients to make its lip smacking dishes. The highlight of its menu is strawberry papaya salad with shrimp paste, salad with vermicelli noodles, beef tongue or pork with northern Thai spicy soup.


Pinn is a great place to enjoy some delectable and flavourful chicken in MahaNakhon Cube. The restaurant has a premium chicken menu that offers fusion grilled chicken dishes from organic chickens. The chickens are raised at a solar powered eco farm by the restaurant. Guests get to enjoy the tender texture, the delectable taste and the flavourful aroma of the specially marinated organic chicken. The menu highlights at this restaurant include Moroccan chicken, spicy chicken and roasted pork belly with Ang Kak.

Chumpol Patonggo

A great addition to the list of restaurants in mahanakhon skywalk, Chumpol Patonggo has been around for around 60 years in Thailand. “Patonggo”, The famous deep fried dough that is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside is a popular dish of this restaurant. This dish is made from premium ingredients and is guaranteed to be ammonia free. The dish is a perfect breakfast platter when served with eggs and coffee. Guests can also watch the process of the donating and slicing as they were served freshly made individual batches.

Nai Ek Roll Noodle

“Nai Ek Roll Noodle” Is an iconic and one of the most amazing food destinations in Bangkok’s Chinatown. The restaurant expanded its presence to the new location at the test hub in the MahaNakhon cube and spread its delectable dishes to even a wider audience. The soft Antu me “Guay Jub” Roll noodles or its specialty, and the restaurant serves it with an aromatic black pepper soup along with deep fried crispy pork. The street food restaurant is a legendary food stop and is also Michelin recommended.

Boon Lert

Boon Lert has been around in Thailand for over 40 years. The amazing food stall has been serving egg noodles with delectable grilled soy sauce pork in Bangkok‘s bustling community of food stalls, unique architecture and a rich cultural history. One of its signature dishes is a grilled pork that takes around four hours to make as it is so in a unique marinade. The egg noodles and flavourful pork are often seasoned with minced pork and then served with the traditional bone broth. The street food King no proudly sauce at Thai taste hub.

Maverick Suki

Thriving since 1960, Maverick Suki has been around with the legendary menu passed through generations. The chefs at this amazing place are always showing off the signature quick frying technique. The restaurant uses premium ingredients which include a well marinated pork so tender that it dissolves effortlessly in the mouth of the gas guests. The highlight dishes of the menu include the Pork Sukiyaki stir fried with pork oil on high heat and is then served with a signature spicy Sukiyaki sauce.


Limlaosa, for over 80 years has served as a legendary sport for fishbowl noodles that are renowned for their bouncy texture, the fish balls that are meticulously made from base. The process begins from seasoning and kneading and every step is followed thoroughly. The Fish Balls are served with fresh egg noodles, and then seasoned with fried garlic oil and their signature seasoning sauce.

Yih Sahp Luhk

The Nai Soie Beef Noodle is a legendary dish that comes from Braised Beef Rice Pot - and is served in this amazing restaurant that every meat lover should visit. The restaurant also has a Michelin guide that features the braised short ribs rice pot and Hotate rice pot. The restaurant is also proud of its baked rice dishes and they are served with a hot soup and signature chili paste. Guests can expect spicy, salty and sour flavors in their platter at the restaurant.

Pa Hong Thai Dessert

One of the best restaurants in mahanakhon skywalk for desserts, Pa Hong serves the authentic flavours of Thai desserts curated with traditional methods. The best of the best is the Thai Custard , served with a slightly caramelized custard topping and fried thin onion slices. Some other highlights in the menu are Sticky Rice with Egg Custard, Sticky Rice with Black Bean in Sweet Coconut Milk, Khanom-Tako (Thai Pudding), Coconut Milk Jelly, and Durian Sticky Rice with Sweet Coconut Milk. The restaurant menu also includes the orange coloured classic desserts like Flower Egg Yolk Tart, Round Egg Yolk Tart, and Shredded Egg Yolk Tart.

Pad thai Fai Ta Lu

Among the most popular Pad Thai restaurants in the skywalk is the Pad Thai Fai Ta Lu. The restaurant is led by a Michelin star chef, and he cooks Pad Thai by traditional methods. The food is cooked by allowing the large flame to engulf the entire work and allow all the flavors to be mixed and absorbed into the noodles during the cooking time. Some of the highlights of their menu are the Pad Thai Fai Ta Lu, Pad Thai Fai Ta Lu Moo Kob (Crispy Pork Belly), and Pad Thai with Shrimp.


Kruwn is a brand new restaurant that has emerged from the Isan Food chain of Phed Phed. The place is inspired by the reaction that most visitors get after eating spicy food, a moan that applauds the deliciousness and spiciness of the delectable food. The restaurant brings out the authentic flavors and simplicity of local street food and then amplifies its characteristics. Served with sticky rice and glutinous rice and over 10 different spicy and mouth-watering dipping sauces, the dishes range from deep frying to grilling.

9 San Laan

The highlight of this amazing place is the reconstructed boat noodle, which is carefully crafted by the head Chef Lalita who is also its owner. Experienced chefs specializing in both european and thank you seen create delectable dishes for the guests. The boat noodles are created in such a way that it captures authentic flavors with a new twist. The noodles are served with a rich bone broth and made using high-quality beef.


Which restaurant is best for having desserts at MahaNakhon?

Among the mahanakhon skywalk restaurants, Pa Hong Thai Desserts is one of the best places to treat your sweet tooth. The place cooks authentic Thai dessert in traditional cooking methods and maintains the flavours. The best dessert to try at the restaurant is the Thai dessert that is served with a caramelized crust and fried onion rings.

What are the operating hours of restaurants at MahaNakhon?

The restaurants in Mahanakhon skywalk are open from 7 AM - 10 PM every day. Each restaurant has its separate opening and closing times, however, most of these restaurants are accessible to guess between the above mentioned time frame.

What is the best time to visit MahaNakhon Skywalk?

The best time to visit the most beautiful observation deck in Bangkok is during the sunset hours. Visitors should try to reach around 4:56 PM to enjoy one of the most stunning sunsets of their life. Also the weather is quite pleasant and the sky turns different shades in the evening. After the sunset the city lights up and the view gets even better, so they get to see the lit skyline of Bangkok.

Is there Wheelchair facility inside Mahanakhon Skywalk?

Yes, wheelchair facilities are available inside the Mahanakhon skywalk. Guests who wish to access the amazing building with wheelchairs will get assistance on the floors and all the floors are connected by lift. This way we can easily move around through this popular tourist spot.

Where is MahaNakhon Skywalk located?

The MahaNakhon skywalk is located inside the King power Mahanakhon building in the heart of Bangkok. The skywalk covers the first, 74th, 75th, and the 78th floor of the King power Mahanakhon building.


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